JackSplatterBlankCroppedSo JACK, Corporate Hitman Vol 3, is releasing tomorrow and Jack just had to stop in to share some things with everyone.

Not really, Teisha, you told me Pristine needed me to see you…

Ehm, don’t worry about all that, since you’re here, Jack, tell us about the novel!

It’s a book. I kill people in it, I find Pristine. *glare*

You know, you could be a little nicer. *cringes* I loved working with you on this piece and it was a whole lot of fun.

How about you share some clips, toss a few pictures in, and say I helped. I’ve got some guns to clean, and some paddles to oil. Pristine looks like she needs a spanking. *Gets up and leaves*

*Fans herself* Well, I’ll just do as Jack tells me too, wouldn’t want him to find me on a dark alley somewhere!

Be aware some adult language to follow




“I have to make sure we are all safe. I have to make sure they don’t come after us when we run. I’m going to put you somewhere safe when this goes down and come and get you.”

“No, Victor! I want to be with you. That’s where I’m safe. Let’s just get out of here. This looks like you might not make it out. I need you,” she said, her hands balled into tight fists. But that’s not what froze him in his spot. It was the glistening of tears. She wasn’t angry because he wasn’t telling her what was going on, or worried about where that would leave her. He could see it in the way she held herself, barely in check, and where the tears were just ready to fall if she just blinked. She was worried about him.

“And I need to kill everyone who ever touched you. Everyone who ever made you afraid. Everyone who has the ability to ever hurt you again. That is not an option. That is who I am,” he promised, and stalked toward her. He couldn’t give her softness. He didn’t know how to. But he could give her something only he could. Safety. Complete safety. No one, ever, would hurt her again. She could live life knowing that as long as he drew breath she didn’t have to be afraid. Didn’t have to worry. That, for people like them, who’d seen the darkness of the world, meant so much more. He knew it.

“Eagle, Alek, the rest of that fucking organization. They all deserve to die. Fuck what they’ve done to me. They were dead the minute they betrayed me and my brothers. They were decimated the moment they threatened you. That isn’t negotiable, Pristine.” Jack sighed roughly before cupping her face in his hands. Rough hands that knew the shape of a gun better than soft skin. Hands that would hold the world at bay for her. He didn’t know how to say it. He didn’t know what to give her, because he didn’t know himself what it even felt like, or how to articulate it.

“I’m a monster, Pristine. The darkness in the night. The death rattle in someone’s chest. I can kill a man and be miles away before they know he’s gone. I can silently kill one in a room full of people and never be seen. I am a demon, and when I look in the mirror that’s all I see. The blood on my hands, the deaths I’ve caused, and the pain of it all etched on my skin. But I’m your monster. No one in the world has that.” He leaned in and kissed her softly, tasting her tears and wiping them away. He kept their lips pressed close as he spoke again.

“I’m your monster and I’m going to slay all of your nightmares so that tomorrow you can finally dream. That’s a war I’m willing to fight. Let me do this, Pristine, and then you can try to bring me into the light. But tonight, just tonight, let me have the darkness so that it can never touch you again.”



There was a moment where neither of them moved or breathed. Jack was frozen, waiting for her next move and shocked by her last. Pristine was waiting to judge his response. When he gripped a handful of her hair and nodded in encouragement. Pristine closed her eyes and opened her mouth, letting her tongue out to lap smooth circles across his stomach, nipping him lightly before she pulled back. She reached her hand up and gently cupped his tented erection before reaching inside the open flap of his pants and freeing the rock hard mass. The sheer girth of him stretched her grasp as she firmly stroked his smooth shaft.

“I want to watch you,” she said softly with a hint of defiance.

Jack was too deep in the throes of urgent need to prolong the inevitable or worry about semantics. She had given him the touch that he craved and now he was desperate for the abandon of release. He closed his hand over hers to guide her strokes before brushing it away to continue the act. She grasped onto each hip to maintain a physical connection as she watched him, bristled with anticipation.

“This is going to be good,” he uttered hoarsely. Stroking himself with one hand as the other rubbed her lips. “I’ll imagine that it’s your lips wrapped around my cock.”

Jack let his thumb drag down the fullness of her bottom lip as he massaged his shaft from root to tip. He let the burn build up. Stroking and pulling, squeezing tighter at the head with each rep. Controlled and even, his movements commanded her attention and she split her gaze between watching the erotic show, and watching his eyes. He was as composed as ever, save the tight clenching of his jaw. She felt the barrier that he placed between them, once again commanding the situation. She hated it.

On sheer lust driven impulse, Pristine angled her head back slightly and opened her mouth in invitation. She flicked out her tongue at his thumb that was resting just inches from her lips. Not wanting to be a spectator, but a full participant in his battle for pleasure. Giving him what he wanted, more than he wanted to admit it.

Jack stared down at Pristine, the sight of her sucking his finger, bringing him even closer to crisis. His mind went blank, leaving his body to be ruled by the drive of his desire. He could no more resist her offer than he could stop himself. He was too far gone. So the fingers in her hair gripped tighter, re-arranging the angle of her head to his liking—his last attempt at control. He guided the head of his cock to her lips, leaving it up to her to do the rest.

Taking him back in her hand, she opened her mouth wider to accept more of him and then she wrapped her lips around the smooth solid mass and began to suck.

“Shi bal,” he cursed in his native tongue.

Unable to stop the quivers of desire as his body reacted to the shock of the experience, he grasped her tighter on reflex. Yes, he’d gotten many a blow-job before, but always under his own terms. Always. He knew what to expect from every sexual encounter. Not this give and take dance that he was doing with her. His plan had not included any of this. He’d merely meant to tease her, not fall mad with desire himself. And that’s exactly how he felt as he reached both hands to the wall to support himself as he let his body thrust at will. He didn’t care that her hands were roaming and touching him all over. Fingers trailed up and down his thighs, and soft palms caressed and gripped the curves of his buttocks. She kept a warm, tight suction on his shaft with lazy flicks of her tongue across the tip.

A volcano was brewing in his core, and when his cock began to twitch and pulse, he knew he was going to come hard. He made a feeble attempt to take matters back into his own hands so that he could at least manage himself at the end, but Pristine simply sucked harder and used her hands to pin his hips to her face.


Get Ready for Release Day tomorrow and see how it all ends!!

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