lbh-mulan1Victor Kyang had been the upper-middle class son of Areum and Hoon Kyang. A philanthropist, Areum spent most of her time supporting charity and doing community service in her local community. Hoon had chosen to go into the medical field and was a renowned cardiovascular surgeon. They had raised two children, the eldest being Victor, who had followed his father into the medical world, albeit as a studying veterinarian. His younger sister, Joo-won, wanted to be a ballerina.

Everything, up until Victor’s second year at college seemed to be absolutely normal. Then he’d found out that his family had made mistakes, had angered the wrong people, and paid for it with their lives.

Victor came home that fateful spring break to find the bodies of his entire family tortured and murdered. It was that day that Jack stopped being the man he was and JACK came into existence.

He left that day and joined the very gang that was responsible for his family’s demise, the Triads. Through sheer force of will he made himself indispensable to them, until he was one of the boss’s right hand men.

That life lead to his eventual capture and the attachment to Pierce Eaglemohr, and the fateful meeting of the Corporate JackNameTeaserHitmen.

JACK is man of impossible focus, no emotion, and fierce loyalty. GLITCH and SCRATCH showed JACK that he could be surrounded by people just a deadly as he was, and not be in danger. Over several years of working together they showed him that they would never leave his side, and weren’t weak enough to be taken from him.

This bond was what created the issue for Eagle when he decided he didn’t need the Corporate Hitmen anymore. JACK took personal affront to it, and planned to remove Eagle from them for once and for all.

JACK, Corporate Hitman Vol 3, shows the culmination of all the careful planning the men made, with one last mission: Save Pristine, SCRATCH’s sister, and kill Eagle.

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