Perhaps the most awe inspiring and crippling feeling in life is love. It is the feeling that determines the entire direction of the human psyche and action. A lover scorned is the epitome of hatred. However, a lover embraced is the meaning of happiness, and a lover truly loved and satisfied is Nirvana. But who is to say what the meaning of being satisfied is when the human spirit is bombarded with thoughts of immediate gratification and the right now? The human, without strict guidance, is a lost soul in the waves of immortality crippled by the parameters of mortal life. They let their bodies crush what the spirit knows they can achieve. That is against the Gods who gave humans the ability to touch the tip of Olympus. It was so said and decreed by Aphrodite herself in the lost scrolls of Lavere; forever misplaced along the lines of Poseidon’s kingdom. And so there are those who struggle to gain again the Nirvana the Gods gave us when they created us.

But what, pray tell, is the sacred guidance of Aphrodite who was the goddess of love and fertility only matched by her female counterpart and sister Goddess Isis of Kemet? Is it the occult line of self-prostration that reigns in the east regions of Brisque by the followers of Oni? Or is it the poverty as the form of truest love practiced and worshipped by the line of Buddhavistari? None of the above…I believe it was the lone sect of Aphrodite’s Chosen, children on the island of Lavere, pricked along the skin between the shoulder blades. In a marking only possible by the hands of god, the bloom of a rose is grasped tightly in the jaws of a tiger, marking the children of the practice. They have the strength of the tiger for battle, but its discipline not to crush the rose between its teeth. Their rose is a symbol of pure love. But it is also of true symbol of a woman. The delicate petals hiding the intricate and sacred center

Chapter 1


“Xaria! You’ll never amount to anything with your weak heart and watery eyes. Poseidon keep you! He gave you too much water and Zeus gave you not enough thunder for strength.” Cackling at the tears in Xaria’s eyes Fabian shifted his weight from one muscular leg to the other. He was Zeus’ champion had there ever been one. Adonis even seemed to bow to his ever-present bronze skin and sparkling gold eyes. Even his hair, dark as Hades’ avatar, seemed to have a life of its own as it lay down passed his shoulders. His mouth, so sensual it was cruel, curved into a smirk.

“I am not weak, Hades’ whore! Water bends mountains to its will, even though it may take time.” She raised her tear-streaked face to his. Her spine was stiff with hurt and anger. The creek of the punishing slip even brought Fabian to a halt. He had turned away from Xaria, but with his superior Demi-god hearing he had heard her closing words under her breath. Now he watched in shocked amazement at the woman before Xaria. Her cherry red hair shone like fire in the sunset against her cream cheek. Her green eyes were cold, humorless. Naid, Demeter’s daughter was an Amazon, like Xaria, but she was full-grown and much stronger. Xaria’s twenty years were no match for her four hundred.

“Pitiful bitch of a child, the Earth is all strong. You are marked for Aphrodite; an Amazon not made for battle but for the bed is all you are. What good is an Amazon who does not fight?” Naid sneered down at her from here impressive six feet and four inches. Fabian had known no other woman that could look him in the eye.

“Never forget your place again,” she continued, “where I may hear you. Next time I will lift my sword in fair challenge to honor my mother’s sacred name.” Naid crooked her head to the side as if listening. The long graceful bend of her neck was visible in the sun. “I hear the rush of your fluids even under your fear. Who has aroused you so?” With a shrill laugh at Xaria’s embarrassed flush she turned her full gaze to Fabian. He shut down his features to a nonchalant mask in the face of the young but ambitious Demi-goddess. He was already nearly six centuries older than Naid. She was headstrong and often had her way more than was necessary being Demeter’s favored daughter. She was a spoiled woman despite her obvious prowess. Her cruelty would one day loose favor with the fickle Gods of man. Then she would be lost and sent to the River Styx as soon as possible.

He felt the shift of Xaria’s body as if he had done it himself. She wanted to run away, his beautiful, young Demi-goddess. She was marked for Aphrodite, complete with the tattoo between her shoulder blades, spanning to the small of her back. He had cared for her, watched over her, and wanted her with every fiber of his being. She had come to him as a child, afraid and new from the island of Lavere and the ways of Aphrodite to Cypress.  She had been cared for and kept pure for her first trainer and initiation into the sect of Sacred Parchment, the most revered of them all. He had hidden his feelings under masked looks and hurtful words even as his body ached to join with hers, to be her initiator and eternal partner. Alas it was Poseidon’s choice for this one. As of right now he has Naid to deal with and she had the look of mischief in her eyes.

She strolled toward him with the deceptively seductive stride of the Amazon. They were never at ease and always ready to battle at the merest hint of animosity. Her hips were a wide cradle, a testament to her ability to bare strong men that would be worthy Demi-god’s like himself. Though, he was slightly different case being born of a union between a woman and Zeus, who had come to her in the form of a golden mist from the sun. Boy was his father extravagant he thought. Being Zeus’ Demi-god son left him much stronger then the everyday Demi-god. But everyone had a weakness; he just wasn’t revealing his to anyone.

“Naid,” he said in acknowledgement. He looked directly in her face as she brazenly rubbed her hardened nipples against his bared chest. He had been in the process of sparing with Xaria, a very skilled swordswoman if truth were to be told. But she second guessed herself more oft then not and made him call her out, anger her into a clear mind where her thoughts could not defeat her. When she was in the heat of battle she was a sight to behold as her odd white, gold, and black hair surrounded her like the mane of a lion. She was golden as he was from the sun and her body was honed in the art of war even as she would only use the discipline of the path of Aphrodite. She was truly worthy of Aphrodite, as she was one of her birthed children she could be no less.

“I fear you have captured another young heart, but she could not warm your bed as I have so many times in the past.” Fabian ignored the small pained intake of breath he heard from Xaria’s throat. He kept his gaze focused and uncaring on Naid’s coldly beautiful face. She pressed her body tight to his, shielding the hand sliding down to the thickness of his cock. He stilled himself against the shot of pleasure he knew would come. Naid was of the Earth and could be basely sexual. It seemed to pour from her fingertips when she was aroused, arousing anyone she touched whether they wanted to be or not.

“And when was the last time your body lay beneath mine as you withered with ecstasy and screamed for me to stop even as your pussy gripped me as if you never wanted me to be out of you?” He smiled as if the question were intimate. But his Xaria knew him well and picked up on the blatant baring of Naid at her most vulnerable. An Amazon never gave in to battle, in any way. But poor Naid missed the insult.

“Too long, my champion. Perhaps the child could leave,” she said dismissively with no other care for Xaria as her body moistened with thoughts of his cock gliding between her legs. She wrapped her leg around him to feel the thickness, uncaring who saw it.

“Yes, goodbye,” Xaria said, leaving quickly before she could see Fabian put Naid away from him. With a shake he calmed his blood. Naid was desirable, very, but he had eyes for only one.

“That was shameful and beneath you to attack a child. She had merely been defending her nature against my set-down and you know it. Why do you hate her so?”

“It is none of your concern, champion,” she said the title like a sneer. “She will be given away to the Temple of Isle on the morrow and I will be rid of her in my sector. There will be no other that will be able to challenge my place as leader here and I shall reign.” With renewed lust she grasped his cock in a near painful grip. She moved her hand in brisk motions that aroused him as they disgusted him. It was the power of her sexuality and not the woman. They both knew it but she cared not. “And you, dear champion, shall be my consort.” It was then his mind locked onto what she said.

“Why the Temple of Isle? Is that not for those blessed for Aphrodite but are ruined and so must be punished by Poseidon’s wrath?” He was sure to make the question casual and unfeeling though his ears were on alert. He even let himself caress the fullness of her hardened breasts. She moaned into his throat and licked a spot he normally found sensitive and appealing.

“Yes, she will be chained and whipped daily at the hands of Poseidon’s strongest waves off the Cliff of Sorrow. After a penance of one year she will be gifted to a male apprentice of Aries to be initiated and practice the art of the Buddhavistari as she would no longer be worthy of Aphrodite because she was not initiated properly.” She spoke around wet, moist kissed as she went to her knees in front of him.

“But she is pure. I have watched over her myself, and no man, besides me and the Gods have seen her.” She pushed her lips along the seam of his fly. The cloth seemed to fall away with her thoughts, a handy gift for a Demi-goddess.

“But I am the daughter of Demeter and no one will question me or face my wrath. I will be rid of she who would,” she stopped herself by stuffing his cock in her mouth. She was always on fire, so eager to please him, so eager to be submissive to the one man who could dominate her. He was angry: with her subterfuge and with her plan that would blemish his name.

“And what of me?” he chocked.

“You will be named my consort and no one will question your failure.” With more force than necessary he pushed his cock back in her mouth. He saw her playing with her clit protruding from her pussy lips and let himself ride the pleasure of her tongue on his cock, even as he imagined it was Xaria’s full lips around his shaft and her tongue skillfully tracing each vein and sucking on the sensitive tip. His hips moved on their own as his fantasy took hold. Ah, Xaria, my love, he thought to himself as he felt his balls tightened as he came down the throat of the woman who would betray them all.

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